Gifts for Boys offer an unusual range of lifestyle products for boys and men that enjoy the zest of outdoor pursuits that encapsulate the true action man - Colourful  Deckchairs,  Brazillean  Hammocks,  Portable hammocks,  Floating hammocks,  Hanging chairs,  Kites,  Windythings,  Hot Air Balloon,  Remote Control Helicopters,    Fying Pigs,   Robots,  Rugby, photographs,  frame,  Surfboard,   Snowboard,  Guitar,  Sailing,  Tennis,  Cricket,  Quikshade, Backpack,  Canopy,  chairs,  Beach,  toys,  Barbeque, equipment,  Bon-Fire,  Flame, disk,  Picnics,  Horses, Cycling,  Amazonas,  Kelsyius, Shrewsbury, Shropshire,  Ellesmere,  Cockshutt, London,  New York,  France,  Germany,  Holland,  Birmingham,  UK,  China,  Japan,   Manchestster,  Picnic,  BBQ,  Pool,  KangaTek, Personal Holders,  Camp,  Cooking,  Alfresco
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About Us

Gifts for Boys

We are a small family business specialising in quality gifts for men and boys. The idea for gifts for boys originally stemmed from the difficulty in finding good quality, inexpensive and innovative presents for male family members.

Initially trading at Charity Fairs we have grown and now have this the specialist site for giftware.

We believe our success is attributable to our loyal customer base and the selection of products. Practicality and quality are foremost. We see many items that would undoubtedly sell but if they don’t work properly, are badly designed, or not good value for money, they are rejected. We also have a policy of buying recycled products for packaging so please excuse us if you are sent a recycled box; we feel this to be important and it makes a contribution to environmental issues.

Everything in the gift range has been selected because of its essential quality and inspiring nature. We do not buy from unfair overseas manufacturers but we do source from the United Kingdom and Europe.

We save you time; there is no need to visit the high street or thousands of web sites as gifts for boys offers a range of inspiring products that have been hand-picked. We also sell at

Christmas, Birthdays, Gifts or Father Day Presents - we aim to provide a range suitable for almost every occasion, most of which is not normally found on the high street. Quality gifts for men and boys.

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