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Produced in Brazil by Fair Trade Amazonas these wonderful bright hammocks are made from special weather resistant material.Extensive product range for sophisticated tastes distinguished by their especially large size.For selective customers who want to treat themselves to something special.
Long life hammocks which offer quality and choice of styles and colours
All our hammocks come with a hammock bag to keep the hammock in good condition when not in use.

the cotton is first picked and spun by hand.Around 3,500-4,500 threads of the correct length need to be counted off into bundles for each hammock. These bundles are coloured with high-quality dyes,and the dyed threads are dried in the fresh air.Threads must be wound onto the roll on the web stand in the correct pattern without becoming tangled.Up to 4,500 longitudinal threads must be knotted exactly.A whole day is required for this. At the same time, the spindles for the cross threads are wound on with the correctly dyed threads. A good weaver produces around 10 hammocks a day on one web stand. The head and feet ends of each hammock are plaited, twisted and sewn by further specialists. Some models still need to be decorated with the Macramé veranda (fringe edging). Whilst this is going on, the suspension cords are plaited from the same cotton threads using the traditional crochet apparatus. The cords are cut to the right length, carefully bound by hand to the almost completed hammock and the suspension ties are given extra reinforcement. The seamstresses have finished sewing the sack in the meantime. The hammock is checked for the last time to ensure that it is clean and in perfect condition, it is then folded together and the hammock is completed.

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