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Silk Travel Hammock
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Silk Travel Hammock

Silk Travel Hammock

Made from strong Parachute Silk this Travel Hammock is ideal for the garden,travel,beach or generally anyone on the go. Ideal for a camp out.

COLOURS -  Maroon & Navy Blue,  Green & Cayenne ,  Orange & Yellow,  French Blue & Torquoise.


Setting up the hammock:

Indoor use: Attach 2 wall hooks or eye bolts with rawl plugs at suitable points on stable walls.  The distance between the opposite walls should be approx. 4 meters (13 feet).  Make sure that each hook is capable of carrying a weight of approx. 80 kg (12 ½ stone or 176lbs).  Position the hooks high enough so that the hammock does not touch the ground when in use (approx. 1.2-1.5 meters or 4-5 feet).  Now hook on the hammock and it is ready to use.


Outdoor use:  Choose 2 trees or posts at least 4 meters (13 feet) apart.  Put a rope around each tree and secure firmly with a knot. Attach the hammock hooks onto each rope.


How to get in your hammock: Stand next to the lowest hanging point of the hammock, facing away from it as if you are about to sit on a chair.  Reach behind you and spread out the hammock before sitting.  Now sit down, swing your legs in and lie back.


Make sure you are centred in the hammock; your weight should be evenly distributed.  Do not let head and feet hang over the edge.  NEVER CLIMB IN FEET FIRST.


To get out: swing your legs over the side and sit up.  Hold the edges of the hammock and push yourself up and stand.


Please make sure that the hammock is free of any flaws or tears in the material and that all knots are tied firmly.  If the material is damaged or the knots not tightened before use, the hammock should not be used.


Attention: This hammock is approved for a maximum weight of 150kg (23 ½ stone or 330lbs)



Attention: This hammock is approved for a maximum weight of 150kg (23 ½ stone or 330lbs)

Warning: Don’t leave children un-supervised playing in or with the hammock.

Only hang the hammock between trees and posts that are capable of supporting the additional weight.

Using the hammock indoors: only fix the hammock onto hooks or eye bolts which can safely bear a minimum load of 80 kg (12 ½ stone or 176lbs) per hook.

Don’t carry or use any sharp or pointed objects in the hammock e.g. knives, scissors, high heeled shoes etc.

Don’t smoke or use candles and lighted objects in the hammock.

The hammock is washable up to 30°C and dries quickly in the open air.  When using a washing machine, please remove the hooks of the hammock or put them in a sock or pillowcase to avoid any damage to the washer drum.

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