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Flame Disk BBQ
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Flame Disk BBQ

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Flame Disk BBQ

The Portable Flame disk BBQ IS SO easy to transport and store
- Simple one-match lighting
- Start cooking within 3 minutes of lighting
- Cools down quickly
- No soot, ash or cleaning

Comes in its own carry case, flame disc, matches and grill.
Brilliant gifts for boys.

Perfect for the beach,picnic or garden and has no visible flame,no lighter fluid is needed and tere is no carbon monoxide.It cools very quickly which is important when using for your travels.

The FlameDisk® can be used in any grill to cook a variety of foods. Just drop it in the bottom of the grill, peel the lid, and the FlameDisk® lights easily with one match. It's ready to cook immediately. , FlameDisk® provides at least 40 minutes of grilling time and is cool to the touch five minutes after the fuel is spent.
The FlameDisk®'s unique SmokerPlate™ provides excellent flame-grilled flavour. At the end of your grilling session there is no soot, ash, or dangerous hot coals. Simply remove the remaining aluminum shell from your grill and place it in the trash or recycling bin.

floating hammock - not a lilo ! Renewable bio-fuel
- No petroleum or fossil fuel components
- Use of recyclable materials in FlameDisk and packaging
- Extrememly clean-burning
- 90% fewer pollutants than charcoal and lighter fluid



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