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Kites & Windthings

Image Name Price  
Kite - Hunter Kite - Hunter
  Very agile  -  easy to fly and great value!   Lines  -  Dual Size  -  117 …
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Kite - Falcon Kite - Falcon
  Good value Kite with carbon frame giving great lift  -  quick Kite!   Lines  -  Dual …
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Kite - Typhoon Kite - Typhoon
  Speedy Kite - loops,  rolls and swoops for fun.   Lines  -  Dual Size  -  160 x…
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Pig Windwheel Pig Windwheel
  Pigs as you have never seen them before! The Pig Windwheel is great for the outdoors and comes with its own gro…
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Ladybird kite Ladybird kite
  Qirky Mini Kite - Open the wings and out pops a kite!  The body of the ladybird becomes the kite line and w…
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Hot Air Balloon - Rainbow Hot Air Balloon - Rainbow
  Eyecatching, colourful, 3D spinning twister. Brilliant colours - Great for indoors or out.   Size  1…
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Pilot No1 Single Line kite Pilot No1 Single Line kite
  Attractive shape, steady and reliable, yet so much fun, the Pilot is ideal for beginners and youngsters. Fully …
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