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Bon-Fire Complete Set Bon-Fire Complete Set
All you need for the complete Bon-Fire BBQ set versatility in the garden. The set includes: Tripod - Bon-fi…
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Bon-Fire Set Bon-Fire Set
The new Bon-fire outdoor barbeque lets you cook exciting food in a fun way! At home on the terrace (using a brazier, sol…
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Bon-Fire Braiser Bon-Fire Braiser
A Bon-Fire Brazier. Black enamelled for fire wood/briquettes. Legs of stainless steel, can also be mounted on the tripod…
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Bon-Fire 170 cms Tripod Bon-Fire 170 cms Tripod
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Bon-Fire starter set Bon-Fire starter set
A Bon-Fire  starting set that includes: Tripod - Bon-fire 3 leg stand 140cm/175cm Grill Grid - 60cm/…
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Bon-Fire 140cms Tripod Bon-Fire 140cms Tripod
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Bon-Fire BBQ Pan 60cms Bon-Fire BBQ Pan 60cms
The BBQ pan for your Bon-fire set. A big enamelled pan (60cm) for making all kinds of dishes. Make a paella or fry a fis…
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Bon-Fire Tool Set Bon-Fire Tool Set
Bon-fire Tool Stew Set.The complete set of 5 Bon-Fire Tools to compliment your Bon-Fire outdoor Kitchen. The corre…
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Bon-Fire Stew Pot Bon-Fire Stew Pot
This Bon-Fire Stew pot allows you to boil your potatoes whilst you grill the food or simply boil water to make a nice cu…
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Flame Disk BBQ Flame Disk BBQ
The Portable Flame disk BBQ IS SO easy to transport and store - Simple one-match lighting - Start cooking within 3 min…
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Bon-Fire Tipi Cover Bon-Fire Tipi Cover
Bon-fire Tipi. Good protection against wind and rain for your Bon-fire stand. Suitable for the 140cms and the 175cmd Tr…
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Bon Fire Coffee/Tea Pot Bon Fire Coffee/Tea Pot
A new addition to the Bon-Fire Set. The Bon-Fire Coffee/Tea Enamel Pot Perfect for making that nice cup of coffee late…
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Bon-Fire Pancake Pan Bon-Fire Pancake Pan
A Bon-Fire Pancake Pan that kids as well as adults can use to make dessert at the later stages of dinner. Features a lo…
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Bon-Fire Fire Gloves Bon-Fire Fire Gloves
Leather Bon-Fire Gloves, the perfect compliment to camp fire cooking, great for handling all the hot food and pans. The …
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Bon-Fire Camp Chains Bon-Fire Camp Chains
Bon-fire Chains. Used for suspension of the various pans and pots that fits on the Bon-fire tripod. Comes in a pack wi…
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FlameDisk FlameDisk
FlameDisk is a clean and convenient eco-friendly alternative to charcoal. FlameDisk, the hottest selling BBQ product…
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